Hi! I’m Rachel, a travel blogger, English Coach, and food-enthusiast living in South Korea. When I’m not eating or traveling, I’m dreaming about one or the other. My goals are to learn some Korean cooking and discover more ways to lead a healthy and mindful lifestyle in a cozy (to me, that means less than 500 sq. ft) setting-wherever we are living!

My husband (yep, the cutie in the picture) and I have a goal of someday building our own tiny house-something under 200 sq. feet that can be moved around as we explore life in new areas. In the meantime, we are saving our pennies and planning, and we’re also learning to live simply and with less stuff so that we’ll be prepared to live in our tiny home.

This blog is about discovery-I’m learning how to cook, how to live on my own-in a foreign country! and how to live large in small spaces. My interests include healthy, whole-foods cooking, some non-healthy cooking (I still love me some cookie dough!), learning about Korean culture and cuisine, any kind of music, and staying fit. I’ve also developed a love of photography, which is a huge new step for me, but I’m enjoying every minute of the learning process!

Shoot me an email or comment-I’d love to meet you!

Cheers! –Rachel