Korean Food

Bean Sprout Salad (숙주나물)

Korean Bean Sprout Salad, or Sukjuknamul (숙주나물) is a banchan (side dish) served with meals or inside of bibimbap (rice, veggies, and egg) or mandu (Korean dumplings). This bean sprout salad is very similar to the spinach salad I made last week-cook the bean sprouts, then combine them with a dressing […]

Patjuk (팥죽) Korean Red Bean Porridge

Red bean porridge, known as Patjuk (팥죽) in Korea, is  served on December 22, the Winter Solstice. Because of it’s red color, which symbolizes yang, or positive energy, it was believed to drive evil spirits away and prevent diseases. Koreans also tend to eat hot foods in the summer-something about […]

Japchae (잡채)

Japchae ( 잡채) is one of my favorite Korean foods-partially because it’s delicious, and partially because it’s naturally gluten-free, and partially because the noodles are just plain fun to play with. Chewy, gluten-free, entertaining Korean noodles? Count me in. Japchae (or chap-chae) was first introduced to me while I was eating […]