Travel South Korea

Penis Park (Haesindang 해신당)

This weekend, Sam and I visited the famous-or infamous? Haesindang Park. More commonly referred to as “Penis Park”, this little treasure of a tourist spot is located on the beautiful East Sea, about 50 minutes south of Samcheok and 3 minutes (by bus) from the seriously gorgeous Jang-ho Port. The […]

Haewoojae (Mr. Toilet House) Suwon, Korea

This last weekend was wonderful-finally a break from all the work craziness-so we decided to celebrate. What better way to celebrate than learning about Korean poo? You read that right. Koreans have a healthy respect for their GI system, so much so that they’ve dedicated an entire park and museum […]

Hiking Bukhansan National Park

Hiking in Bukhansan National Park was easily one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my life. Maybe it was just something I needed to do-get outside my apartment (or myself?) and revel in some natural beauty, but I think that anyone who is visiting Seoul should […]