Bacon Quinoa Salad with Lemon Dijon Dressing and Queso Fresco cheese |

BACON QUINOA SALAD with Lemon Dijon Dressing

Whew! Man it’s been a while—almost a month! But I have good reason: Sam and I bought a house! And it’s…. a piece of work, to put it bluntly.  We’ve been up to our hairlines, literally, in paint, spackle, sawdust, and lots of spiders that I’m learning to squeal about […]

Raw Sesame Ginger Cucumber Noodles

Sesame Ginger Cucumber Noodles. Rules were made for breaking, the saying goes, and I feel a little rebellious here. I mean, cucumber noodles? And a cool, refreshing salad-y dish in the season of coziness and comforters and steamy mugs and pumpkin everything? Yes. All the yes. Palates need a-cleansin’ and […]

Brussel Sprout Kale Almond Salad

It’s the eve of every foodie’s favorite holiday, and I’ve been salivating for about four days straight now. Every Thanksgiving, my entire extended family comes together to create the best food on the planet (sorry, I’m biased, I’m sure your food is great too) and since my entire extended family […]

Roasted Sweet Potato and Mizuna Salad

Friendssssss. FRIENDS. You know those days where your mind just EEKS out the creative juices? Yeah. Where you find yourself dancing around the kitchen at 5:00 am because you just, well, can’t help all the enthusiasm that’s pumping through you? Today did NOT start like that. I’m a pretty organized […]