Sweet Potato Fries with Garlic Tahini Sauce

Sweet potato fries and garlic tahini sauce | savoringsimple.com

This is going to make your week, promise.

If you’re having weather anything like MN, it’s cold and gray and windy and you’re having trouble pulling yourself out of bed. You hit snooze no less than 11 ½ times (because you accidentally knocked your phone to the ground on attempt no. 12) and you still feel tired and crabby and you’ve decided to move the instigators of Daylight Savings to the top of your hate list because really, getting up an hour earlier in pitch blackness is not worth whatever extra hour of sunlight you get at the end of the day when you’re stuck in traffic anyway.


I told you—Cranky. Sam and I both have it and so does everyone else I’ve run into this week, minus my friend Anna who quite probably has a heart made of literal sunshine. In the over 10 years I’ve known her, I’ve never ever seen her crabby except for one time when she got hit with a car while she was biking. Which is a legitimate Read more

Raspberry Citrus Smoothie

Raspberry Citrus Smoothie-Vegan and Gluten free | savoringsimple.com

Happy Weekend!

Remember how I was talking about my recent citrus addiction?  Well, it’s not just hitting me in Flourless Lemon Cake form:

Raspberry Citrus Smoothie-a perfect meal replacement or breakfast on the go! | savoringsimple.com

This Raspberry Citrus Smoothie is a pretty fair representation of my kitchen right now, and I don’t regret it for a moment. The mandarin oranges plus the sweet tang of the raspberries makes this a perfect spring breakfast….or lunch….or both.  I drank 1-2 of these every day this week because every moment not at work was spent outside.  I’m almost certain Sam is going to start complaining about the amount of blender food we’re eating soon, because his inner meat lover does not jive with all of my smoothie and sauce and guacamole loving self all the time. He rallies, but he’s not 100% on the I-drink-my-meals train, you know?

So this is more for me and you, the people who understand Spring means Read more

Flourless Lemon Cake

This flourless lemon cake is gluten free and dairy free, delicious, and healthy enough for breakfast or brunch! | savoringsimple.com

You guys, I am on a citrus kick right now. It’s been somewhere around, oh, a LOT warmer than it usually is in March in Minnesota and I am HIGH ON LYFE.  I’m talking walking around barefoot, opening all the windows in the house, and wearing capris to work even though I have to massage my calves to keep the circulation going because it’s just not quiiiiiiiiite warm enough to be breaking out the spring wardrobe yet but I’ve done it anyway.

I don’t care. You can practically smell Spring in the air, and I’m Ready with a capital R because Rachel & Winter/the Cold do not mesh well.

Our meals lately have been reflecting this, because I’m all about strawberries and raspberries and citrus and salads and cucumber mojitos (<– coming soon!) and totally avoiding what I consider Winter food, AKA soups Read more

Raw Brownies with Coconut Filling

Raw Brownies with Coconut Filling | savoringsimple.com

Hello and HAPPY WEEKEND! I am all business today—All business because it’s 55°F outside and I am on my way out the door to bike down the Mississippi with Sam.

So let’s talk brownies. Coconut stuffed Raw Brownies, specifically. These guys are soft, chewy, gluten free, and yes, RAW. As in fruits and nuts make up the majority of this brownie, and it’s really weird because you CAN NOT taste them. You could tell everyone they’re protein bars and you wouldn’t be lying because they’re full of healthy fats and proteins, but no one would believe you because they taste like an honest-to-goodness brownie almond joy mashup.

To which I say, bring on the raw vegan madness. I consider myself neither a vegan or a raw-ist (?) (rawtarian?) Read more