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Gluten free & Vegan Chai Breakfast Muffins | savoringsimple.com

Chai Breakfast Muffins

How do you feel about chai? In my kitchen, we <3 chai everything.  I’m talking lattes, smoothies, frostings….if it will taste even passably normal after I add copious amounts of cinnamon + cardomen + nutmeg, we’re in. We’re sooooo in.  So these Chai Breakfast Muffins?  They’re a hit.  I actually […]

Frozen raspberries make this raspberry citrus smoothie tangy and delicious | savoringsimple.com

Raspberry Citrus Smoothie

Happy Weekend! Remember how I was talking about my recent citrus addiction?  Well, it’s not just hitting me in Flourless Lemon Cake form: This Raspberry Citrus Smoothie is a pretty fair representation of my kitchen right now, and I don’t regret it for a moment. The mandarin oranges plus the […]

This flourless whole lemon cake is gluten free and dairy free, delicious, and healthy enough for breakfast or brunch! | savoringsimple.com

Flourless Lemon Cake

You guys, I am on a citrus kick right now. It’s been somewhere around, oh, a LOT warmer than it usually is in March in Minnesota and I am HIGH ON LYFE.  I’m talking walking around barefoot, opening all the windows in the house, and wearing capris to work even […]

Green Glow Smoothie

I’m super excited to share this recipe with you guys! You know those days you have a stroke of pure GENIUS and it results in something delicious and creamy and frothy and healthy and glowy? Yes. Glowy. I’m hereby adding it to your dictionary, and you’re going to like it. […]